Adventure Travel

Looking For More Excitement?

Adding some adventure to your travels can be the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary vacation.

What is adventure travel though?  Well, that all depends on you.  For some it might mean exploring an exotic destination with a group.  Others might not consider it an adventure unless they are swimming in caves or jumping from airplanes.

That's the beauty of adventure travel.  It's YOUR adventure.  You get to decide what your adventure is.

My job is to help put you in the right situation to experience your unique adventure.

Some of the most popular adventure style trips we offer include:

  • Scuba Diving and Certification
  • Ski Trips
  • Small Ship Sailing
  • Arctic Exploration
  • Cycling and Hiking Tours
  • Safaris
  • and minimalist backpacking trips

I would love to hear your plans for your next adventure.  Give me a call and let's start planning it today.

Rock, Climbing
Ski Resort in French Alps

Ski Packages

Make the most of your next ski trip.  Whether you're doing the pizza on a green circle or hucking cliffs in the Alps.  We have a package for you.

Group of people next to campfire

Group Travel

Traveling with a group?  We can make it a breeze.  Click below to learn more!


Cabanas at all inclusive resort

All Inclusives

From the Caribbean to the Alps.  There is an all inclusive vacation designed just for you!